2.5kg 5 Pounds Washing Powder Filling Machine



SN -1B3 semi-automatic powder filling machine, is suitable for packing powder and granular materials, such as milk powder, feed powder, rice powder, coffee powder, mono sodium gluts mate, solid drink, glucose, solid medicine.

Product feature:

  1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel
  2. Chinese/English is displayed in the touch screen
  3. The machine is designed in term of National "QS" and "GMP"
  4. The combination of whole sealed, stainless steel and Plexiglas box, can open by sideways, make the clean easily
  5. You may store 10 kinds of working parameters in the machine
  6. For the dusty material, we can add a vacuum device to keep the workplace clean
  7. The machine was suitable for a lot of kinds of package sizes and powdery material by changing the auger attachment.
  8. Servo motor drive screw got high accuracy.
  9. This machine we add weighing system can get better accuracy.

Technical Parameters

Metering Mode
weighing mode(gross weight)
Package Weight
Package Accuracy
±0.2-1%(according to the material )
Packaging Speed
3-4 bags/min
Power Supply
380V 50Hz/60Hz( customizable 220V's motor)
Atmospheric pressure and Use Tolerance
Total Power
Overall Dimensions
Feeding Mode
double screw